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    How lease financing helps you succeed

    Selling isn’t easy. It takes in-depth product knowledge, sales finesse, tenacity and a lot of imagination to  be successful – and being successful is so very important. Ask any salesperson.

    North America Leasing Inc is prepared to help you succeed in your business. We will work with you to
    help you increase your sales.

    How? Through Lease Financing, a service that could mean the advantage over your competition.

        Lease financing means that you can sell your clients the products they really need.
    How many times have you discussed your clients’ requirements only to discover they cannot afford the
    product best suited to their needs? The problem? There simply is not enough money in the budget to
    pay for the purchase. By offering lease financing, as an alternative to cash, you increase your odds of
    selling the better product – that will meet their needs.
    Purchasing the better product becomes a matter of a monthly or quarterly payment. Don’t let your clients
    pay cash for a product that might not meet their requirements. Sell them what they need with the lease
    financing solution

        Lease financing can make discounts disappear.
    By quoting a fixed payment, the focus is often removed from the original equipment cost.  Discounts, which
    cash-paying customers often request, are virtually eliminated and full credit for the sale can be realized. This
    is an important consideration for any sales person aiming for success. With lease financing as the wave of
    the future, equipment discounting may well become a phenomenon of the past.

        Lease financing speeds up the selling cycle.
    Lease payments are generated from an operational budget, not a capital budget requiring many acquisition
             approvals. As a result, when lease financing is offered, decisions to purchase equipment are often made quickly.
             There are a number of benefits associated with this fact. First, a short sales cycle means the competition has
             less opportunity to make a pitch. It also means you receive credit for the sale quickly, and you have more time
             to pursue additional business.
             When time is money, a short sales cycle can directly affect your bottom line.

        Lease financing creates tax advantages.
    While subject to Revenue Canada Guidelines, lease rental payments may be tax deductible so indirectly the Government is helping the client pay for the equipment.

    ►   Lease financing preserves your clients Credit Lines.
    Lease financing enables your clients to acquire the products they need without tying up valuable Bank
    lines of Credit.

        Lease financing means customer base protection.
    Once your cash-paying clients walk out the door their next purchase could easily be made with the
    competition. You have no way of knowing if you will be the recipient of additional business.
    Lease financing can help in this situation. If your competition has offered to upgrade your client’s equipment,
    your customer must contact us first. Our computer will notify you immediately by fax, so that you have the
    opportunity to present a quote.

      Make lease financing work for you. Make North America Leasing Inc. your partner.


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