North America Leasing IT Lease Program

North America Leasing Inc. is pleased to offer an IT Lease Program which was developed specifically for the IT Industry. This program offers a turnkey lease/financing solution to the IT Marketplace.
It offers:

  • Lease/Financing for Software and Hardware: No need to worry about the hardware software ratio of the solution you recommend to your customer. At North America Leasing Inc. we recognize that the hardware has no value without the software, so now include all the software the customer requires and not only the amount of the software that fits in the leasing company’s hardware software ratio. Recommend the solution, not the ratio!

  • Lease/Financing for Training and Implementation: As above, software solutions are worthless without you providing the required training, implementation and support. North America Leasing Inc. recognizes that your solution has far more value to the Lessee and the Leasing Company if the Lessee is sufficiently trained and the solution is properly implemented and supported. Why not include these costs into the lease as well? Your client will appreciate the ease of acquiring your total solution for one easy monthly payment.

  • Lease/Financing for Multiple Suppliers: If your organization partners with another firm to create the best solution for your client, North America Leasing Inc. can accommodate the multiple suppliers on one lease agreement. The Lessee then only has one lease rental to track each month and not a multiple of 2 or 6 or...

  • Lease/Financing for Add-ons: As the Lessee’s needs grow it is easy to add on new or updated software and/or hardware solution to the lease. All North America Leasing Inc.’s IT lease programs allow for lease add-ons.

  • Lease/Finance for Upgrades: As the Lessee’s needs change or the marketplace changes, it will be easy for them to upgrade their IT solution before the lease expires. This will allow them to stay competitively ahead of their competitors that instead of leasing purchased their IT solution.

  • In Addition to the Above: North America Leasing Inc.’s IT Lease program offers your clients all the other benefits of leasing as well. The tax benefits, 100% financing, conserving working capital, additional source of financing, low monthly payments, etc.

North America Leasing Inc.’s IT Lease Programs simply makes good sense! In a world that is improving and changing faster than anyone could ever have imagined, no organization can acquire or keep the competitive edge over its competition without involving Lease/Financing.


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